Moonfleet Farm (an overview)

In 2016 our campsite opens 24th March and closes 11th September with bookings through the website.
You can also rent a Shepherds’ Hut or a Mongolian Yurt.
(you can do this by using the enquiry form on our
contact page)

With its typical old Dorset thatched farmhouse, believed to date from circa. 1500's, this small mid-Dorset grassland farm retains much of its old character with hedged bordered fields and sluiced meadows. The ground, probably having never been ploughed, accommodates a rich variety of mixed traditional grasses. The substrate being of heavy clay, gravel and greensand means springs occur in abundance with natural water supply being available all year round. Originally, a small dairy farm, the pasture is now cut and sold as a crop and for animal grazing in the summer months. Harrowing and rolling takes place in the spring and hay is baled in early June ready for winter animal fodder.

The farm is not economically viable in modern times as a standalone concern; however, other activities subsidise the traditional farm-work income i.e. a small intimate cosy campsite with fishing ponds. The farm also exchanges use of farm machinery and buildings use with other farms. In the past there has been an orchard at the farm, thought to supply cider apples to the locals and to the Fox Public House via the Ansty Brewery. During 2010 an orchard was re-established at Moonfleet and is now planted out with a traditional variety of cherries, plums, pears, eating and cider apples.

Dotted along the hazel/hawthorn hedgerows are mature English Oaks as is typical of the rural Dorset scene. These trees are important to the county and are gradually disappearing from the hedgerows as disease and age takes their toll, without intervention modern methods of hedge cutting do not allow the oaks to re-establish. At Moonfleet Farm we have a programme to re-establish the hedges with young oaks. As with many of the common sense initiatives at Moonfleet Farm there are no public subsidies or local authority interventions driving them.

The farm faces south west with long views to the Blackmore Vale. The distant horizon presents us with many extraordinary sunsets.
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